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Eudokia Technologies is a Microsoft Partner that is dedicated
to providing our clients with innovation driven results
to ensure their return-on-investment.

Transform businesses through technology

We have a proven track record of innovation and entrepreneurship in the technology services industry, and we use this to help organizations harness the power of digital technologies like AI, automation, and the Cloud. Our large, multinational team of consultants is able to work flexibly to meet the needs of our customers, whether those needs are advisory in nature or need end-to-end execution, because we value our clients' businesses above all else.

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A collaborative approach

We take a collaborative approach, partnering with our clients to understand their vision and goals. Our team of experts and develops create a personalised plan, combining design, development, and user adoption to bring your vision to life and drive results. With a focus on results and customer satisfaction, we deliver high-quality solutions.

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Driven by big results

We believe in the power of innovation and adoption, and the impact it can have on a business. We're passionate about helping companies succeed in the digital world, and strive to deliver personalized, high-quality solutions that drive results.

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We deliver results


Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects delivered across different industries since 2014.

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Years of experience with proved track record of delivering max degree of freedom to our clients.

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50K +

End users got training and mentoring on Dynamics 365.

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Our core value is to bringing innovation and adoption to our clients through continuous self-initiative improvement to deliver data-driven insights, automated day to day processes and streamlined operations.

Cloud x Dynamics 365x PowerPlatform

We help businesses successfully navigate digital transformation and drive real growth, drawing on the combined power of experience and contextual knowledge, across a vast
ecosystem of Dynamics 365 expertise.

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people = everything

Our goal is always the same: to make work that touches people emotionally and leaves a lasting impression.

Aliona Chertash

Founder & Solutions Architect

Svetislava Plesko

Operations Lead

Alex Karpenko

Dev Lead

We believe in the power of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications to help you run your entire business in one place.

Some questions.
Some answers.

How do you implement Dynamics 365?

We implement Dynamics 365 by first assessing the client's business processes. Eudokia then design a perfect solution presenting it as scope of work to the client. Before starting the delivery project, we invest in a key stakeholder training to make sure that our technology initiative is successful. Then we configure a customized solution, migrate data, provide user training, and deploy the system with ongoing support. Our process ensures that Dynamics 365 is tailored to each client's needs and that users know how to use the system effectively.

How long does it take to implement Dynamics 365?

With a pre-set implementation package like the Dynamics 365 QuickStart plan, you can have your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution live in as little as a two weeks.

Is Dynamics 365 difficult to learn and adopt?

Well, it really depends on your individual experience and background. But overall, Dynamics 365 is not the most user-friendly and intuitive system which makes many users to find it challenging to navigate. Of course, the complexity of the organization's business processes and the level of customization required can also affect the learning curve. However, once you get it, the system will make your work so much easier.

The good news is that Eudokia Technologies offers a wealth of resources to help users learn and adopt the system, including training courses, documentation, and support. With proper training and support, most users can quickly become proficient in using Dynamics 365.

What industries you worked with?

As experts in Dynamics 365, we've worked in many different fields, such as financial services, law, professional services, construction, mortgage, and non-profit. Our cloud-based solution makes it easy for our clients to manage sales, marketing, inventory, purchase orders, and projects, so they can meet their customers' needs. Our clients get a complete solution from our Dynamics 365 consulting services because they are fully integrated. We focus on making changes that have an effect on our client's business and can be scaled up. We help our clients reach their business goals and objectives by using our knowledge and experience.

Do you have custom solutions for Dynamics 365?

Yes, our custom Dynamics 365 solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to streamline their processes, work more efficiently, and improve their interactions with customers.

The TaskManagement for Dynamics 365 solution enables businesses to manage all of theirtasks on one platform.

Legal Practice Management is a comprehensive solution for law firms available on Microsoft 365.

Our SMS solution allows users to send text messages directly from Dynamics 365 records, providing a simple and effective way to engage with customers and keep track of client communication.

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