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Genuine care is a defining part of our DNA. As a caring technology firm, we believe innovation drives client success. We push the limits to create meaningful, scalable, and efficient work.

Single system that goes
way beyond anything you experienced before

From great low-code automations to AI suggestions. The ecosystem that will give you access to all of features your business needs.


Transform the way you sell with a platform that streamlines your sales processes and empower.


Engage with your customers in new and innovative ways with a platform designed to drive your marketing efforts.


Deliver exceptional customer service with a platform that streamlines your support processes and improves customer satisfaction.


Streamline your financial operations and improve decision making with a comprehensive business management solution.

We're the best with.

Empowering our customers by providing them with solutions that can be scaled as their businesses expand.

Top-class Dynamics 365 Consulting and complete digital transformations powered by Dynamics 365.

We help to implement:

- MicrosoftDynamics 365 for Sales                        
- MicrosoftDynamics 365 for Marketing                      
- MicrosoftDynamics 365 for Customer Service                      
- MicrosoftDynamics 365 for Field Service                      
- MicrosoftDynamics 365 Business Central

We use the full PowerPlatform stack to create custom solutions that boost productivity, streamline operations for any size company.

We help to build:

- PowerBI                        
- PowerApps                        
- PowerPages
- PowerAutomate

Successful digital initiative can’t be complete without best productivity experience powered by Microsoft cloud technologies.

We help make the switch to:                          

- Microsoft365                        
- Security
- Azure

Powerful features right off the bat

All of these benefits become available to you the moment you begin using Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing you to begin realizing your full sales potential and enhancing your performance immediately.

ArtificialIntelligence Assistant

Sell smarter, supercharge skills, and nurtureleads, with predictive and adaptive algorithms and AI-driven assistants to helpsales teams act on new opportunities and prevent risks.

Intuitive pipeline management

Build a sales funnel tocapture leads and drive them through the process from interest to cash.

Viva Sales & Microsoft Copilot

Automatically enrich Dynamics365 Sales and keep the ball rolling with follow-up suggestions and reminders made by AI that are meant to close the sale.


Connect with customers through their preferred communication channels with Microsoft Teams.

Deep analytics

Get real-time insights into your sales performance, so you can make informed decisions and improve your results.

Seamless Integration

Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates with the rest of the Dynamics365 ecosystem, so you have a single platform for all your business needs.

And we are just getting started

There’s just so much power you have with Dynamics 365.


Predict changes in revenue and draw attention to key areas from the top to the bottom of the funnel.


Get real-time information about how a customer feels, how the market is doing, how they feel, and what their priorities are during phone calls to help with guided selling.

Repeated jobs

Reduce paperwork, data entry, and search for info, freeing up time for sales and converting leads.

Mobile App

Be productive from anywhere getting data and taking action on the go with a native mobile app.

Risk notifications

Get notified about deals that are stuck or at risk to help increase the number of deals that close.


Enhance your team’s performance by implementing automatically tracked KPIs to find spots in your pipeline that require improvement.

Faster with Low-code system

Dynamics365 can be customized to fit your business's exact requirements - with ease.With Dynamics 365's low-code capabilities, you can create custom solutions without extensive technical knowledge. And through our Dynamics 365 consultingservice, you'll have access to a team of experts that will work with you totailor the platform to suit your specific needs.

Build Scalable & Reliable solutions

Dynamics365 can grow with your business. Whether you're a small start-up or a large enterprise, the platform can be scaled to meet your changing needs.

Enjoy Efficiency & Productivity

WithDynamics 365, you can streamline your business operations and improve your decision making with better data insights. Say goodbye to inefficient processes and hello to a more productive future.

With you every
step of the process
to success


Capturing your vision

We start  with understanding your vision first, what you want to achieve with technology, what the successful result should look like. This knowledge allows us to draw a picture of a technology roadmap to make it happen.


Designing perfect solution

Translating your vision into reality, we collaborate with our team of professionals to design the architecture of the future solution, provide the scope of work that fits the goal of the project, and organize its implementation.


Making it coming to life

You may fully benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable developers and consultants, who will work & collaborate closely with you to implement the new technology and ensure that it exceeds your expectations.


Mastering new technology

We give the new technology a chance by training & mentoring the end users in becoming proficient and confident using it. We redesign dry technical training to be more enticing and approachable for a non-technical end-user audience. Our goal is to present the new solution in a positive and exciting light.

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Increase productivity, cut expenses, and build a hyperconnected company that connects people, data, and processes all around your business, empowering each team to innovate and be quick to take action.

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Aliona Chertash

Aliona has been a Microsoft Business Solution Architect for more that 8 years and helped more than 50 corporations and start-ups in finding the right solution to solve their problems.

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