April 26, 2023

5 Tactics for Successful Dynamics 365 for Sales User Onboarding

1. Ask "why" first

Increasing user adoption requires first establishing the value of Dynamics 365 for Sales to the organization's overall sales strategy. You may, for instance, talk about a manufacturing firm that saw a 25% uptick in sales after implementing the tool and streamlining their sales process.

More ideas to share 'why':

  • Share a story about a sales representative who struggled to close deals due to a disorganized sales process, but was able to turn things around and achieve their targets by using Dynamics 365 for Sales to manage their pipeline more effectively.
  • Highlight how Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your team stay organized and reduce manual data entry by integrating with other tools such as Outlook, Excel, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Show how Dynamics 365 for Sales can help sales reps personalize their outreach and engage with customers more effectively by leveraging customer data and insights.

2. User-specific training

Training should be individualized because no two users are the same. Training materials and procedures should be designed with each individual's job description, level of expertise, and preferred learning style in mind. Different users will have different training needs; a sales manager may want to learn how to use the reporting tools of Dynamics 365 for Sales to monitor team performance, while a sales representative may want to learn the ins and outs of managing their own transactions.

Keep in mind:

  • Offer personalized training sessions for each user, based on their preferred learning style and experience level.
  • Provide access to a variety of training materials, including video tutorials, cheat sheets, and step-by-step guides, to accommodate different learning preferences.
  • Use a skills assessment tool to identify areas where each user needs more support, and tailor the training accordingly.

3. Focus on results, not processes

Highlight the results and advantages users will get from employing Dynamics 365 for Sales rather than the features themselves. Provide some specific outcomes that have been accomplished by employing the instrument. You may mention how the tool helped one salesperson boost their output by 30%, leading to a larger commission check.

Results, results & more results:

  • Show how Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your team save time and increase productivity by automating manual tasks such as data entry and lead follow-up.
  • Highlight how the tool can help sales reps build stronger relationships with customers by providing a 360-degree view of their interactions and preferences.
  • Share success stories from other companies in your industry who have used Dynamics 365 for Sales to achieve their sales goals and grow their business.

4. Make Education Fun

Add some levity to the instruction by holding contests and games. Make the onboarding process more fun by creating a quiz or scavenger hunt. Users of Dynamics 365 for Sales could compete for a prize or recognition by taking a quiz that asks them to locate and answer particular questions.

Not everything should be boring:

  • Create a leaderboard that tracks users' progress and rewards top performers with prizes or recognition.
  • Develop a training scavenger hunt that requires users to find and complete tasks within Dynamics 365 for Sales, with each task unlocking a new piece of training material or a fun fact about the tool.
  • Host a friendly competition among teams or departments, challenging them to see who can achieve the highest adoption rate within a set time frame.

5. Offer consistent assistance

The onboarding process is only the first step. Providing users with continuing support and resources will increase the likelihood of long-term success and adoption. Establish question-and-answer sessions or online discussion boards for your users. You could, for instance, set up a Microsoft Teams channel where users can talk to one another about their experiences with Dynamics 365 for Sales and receive ongoing assistance and direction from you and other subject matter experts.

Let's be honest, do you always get it from the first time?.. I thought so and it's okay! Make sure to:

  • Create a dedicated support team or help desk to answer users' questions and provide guidance.
  • Use webinars or live training sessions to provide ongoing education and support for new features or updates to the tool.
  • Develop a user community where users can share best practices, ask questions, and collaborate with each other.

You can increase adoption and make sure your team gets the most out of Dynamics 365 for Sales by following these steps to build a successful user onboarding experience. Make the process interesting and personal by providing relevant examples and tales, and cater to the individual needs of your users. Dynamics 365 for Sales can be a game-changer for your team if you handle it correctly.

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