March 28, 2023

How Anodos Advisors implemented Dynamics 365


Anodos Advisors is a strategic consulting and advisory firm that provides a wide range of services to organizations across various industries. The company's team ofexperienced consultants offers expertise in organizational transformation,growth strategy, and operational efficiency, among other areas. With a focus ondelivering measurable results and value to clients, Anodos Advisors leveragesits in-depth industry knowledge and tailored solutions to help clients achievetheir business goals. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality,actionable recommendations and solutions has established it as a reputableplayer in the consulting industry



They needed a more sophisticated system to manage their business, as they were growing and required better datastorage and management capabilities. The previous system was simple, with justa few main tables and a single Trust table where all information was stored.



To address these needs, existingDynamics 365 CRM system has been adjusted. This new system had a more robust architecture, with 6 different tables that were interlinked, allowing for better data storage and management. Additionally, the new system has a number of calculated fields, which helped to streamline processes and save time, as calculations could be performed by the system instead of being done manually inan excel sheet.

Anodos Advisors also had a specific requirement to simplify the process of creating Word templates within Dynamics365 according to the new system architecture. A feature was built into the system that allowed for the creation of a master record with all the information needed for the template, by simply clicking a button. This eliminated the need for deep technical knowledge, making the process much easier for Anodos Advisors.

The new system has improved Anodos' ability to manage their business, with better data storage, faster and more accurate calculations, and the ability to create Word templates with ease. The improved architecture has made a significant impact on the efficiency of the iroperations, allowing Anodos Advisors to better serve their clients and fulfill their duties as trustees.

In addition to the improvements described above, the new Dynamics 365 CRM system also offered several other key benefits to Anodos Advisors:

-  Data Integration: The system was designed to seamlessly integrate with Anodos' existing processes and workflows, making it easier for the company to manage their business and streamline their operations.

-  Customization: The systemwas customized to meet the specific needs of Anodos, with new systemarchitecture including the addition of calculated fields and the creation of afeature to simplify the process of creating Word templates.

-  User-Friendly Interface:The new system was designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing Anodos toquickly and easily access the information they need.

-  Scalability: The systemwas built with scalability in mind, so that it could easily adapt to Anodos'growing needs in the future.

-  Improved Compliance: Thenew system helped Anodos to maintain their compliance library and execute procedures more efficiently, ensuring that they were fulfilling their duties astrustees to the highest standard.

Regarding the technical implementation, it's important to mention that Anodos received comprehensive end-user training to ensure that everyone was comfortable with the system and knew how to use it effectively. This investment in training helped to ensure the successful adoption of the new system and enabled Anodos to maximize the benefits it provided.

Overall, the new Dynamics 365 CRM system has been a valuable tool for Anodos, helping the company to better serve their clients and grow their business.

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